Un espía involuntario – (Seth Rogan 01) – Kenneth Eade

Un espía involuntario - (Seth Rogan 01) - Kenneth Eade


He was officially charged with violation of the Espionage Act, and he didn’t expect
that he would have a chance to tell his story if he were caught. He would probably end
up in Guantanamo Bay prison with the rest of the traitors and “terrorists” who are held
without the right to counsel and without proper trials, and all because of the label
assigned to them on their arrest. Seth couldn’t count on the Constitution to protect him
any more than he could expect his leather jacket to stop a bullet.
Yuri didn’t understand what the “big deal” was about genetically modified foods, or
why Seth’s own government wanted to kill him. But the stakes were high. Hundreds of
millions of dollars had been spent on GMOs by the big chemical companies. They had
decided that genetically engineered foods were the foods of the future. Those same
chemical companies had inserted their top management into the top management of the
United States government. They controlled the FDA


Título: Un Espía Involuntario (Spanish Edition)
Autores: Kenneth Eade
Publicado: 06 abril año 2016
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